Performance Showcase was launched with funding by a grant from the Creative Ministry Fund of the Episcopal Diocese of California and the donations of generous individuals and businesses. Our roster of performances by dance, music, and spoken word artists is a testament to the high quality and diverse talent in the Bay Area.
Performance Showcase has staged performances in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
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...visual designer-producer Doug Baird presented an evening of local dance in St. Aidan's Episcopal Church..., emptying the sanctuary and seating people in the round. Intelligently chosen, small-scale pieces by choreographers like Amy Seiwert..., Stephen Pelton, and Sara Shelton Mann were presented to what was probably a completely new audience.
– Rita Felciano, SFBG online

...I would call the Performance Showcase 2004 one of the more successful shows of this kind, carefully curated by designer Doug Baird, and including several strong pieces by Stephen Pelton and Sara Shelton MannÖ. St. Aidanís isnít perfect, but its scalene-angled walls and telescoping spaciousness have the appeal of a non-traditional venue, with a warmth and intimacy that comes from being so close to the dancers that you can feel their movements reverberate through the floor.
– Mary Ellen Hunt,

I loved the sense of community this event built with other dancers, and the sense of professionalism and ease/warmth you created – I felt like I was back in Europe where it's all so much easier!
– Tara Brandel, choreographer
The dance performance was as good as anything I've seen at the San Francisco Ballet!
– Patrick Hall
The dancers who performed in the bookcase were phenomenal! And I was so moved by the dancer in the wheelchair -- she became the focus and the wheelchair became almost like a prop; it transformed the dance.
– Pam Wong