spoken word
Wayne Harris Ron Jones Mark McGoldrick
Wayne Harris
Wayne Harris performed a selection from Train Stories, a collaboration with director David Ford, a riveting tale capturing the harsh realities and lush beauty of life in America at the edge of the civil rights movement.
Ron Jones
Ron Jones performed a selection from When God Winked, Unusual Stories from an Unusual Place—Heaven. Heralded as one of the most influential storytellers of our time, Ron’s vivid personal stories offer an entertaining, insightful view of the difficulties of youth and the perils of adulthood. 
Mark McGoldrick
Mark McGoldrick performed a selection from The Golden Hammer, his work in progress with director David Ford; he also worked with Charlie Varon to develop Tom and John, two monologues exploring adolescent rebellion and the world of spinal-cord injury rehabilitation.
Joe Dunn Doreen Maller Charlie Varon
Joe Dunn
England in 1984 wasn't what George Orwell had in mind. In 1984 / Loss, Joe Dunn threaded together a visit by Orwell to modern London, a story of the 1984 English miners strike, and a personal history to examine what we lost and what we gained.
Doreen Maller
Inside sunny suburban homes are the heroes of Doreen Maller’s spoken word performances—ordinary American women raising families, making ends meet and struggling to find meaning and purpose between trips to the grocery store. The Eternal Light and Lego Towers were two of Doreen’s Other American Stories currently in development.
Charlie Varon
Charlie Varon, monologist extraordinary, presented two evenings of exciting new work from some of his favorite artists, and opened both shows.